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Terms and Conditions



Please read this statement carefully; it is provided with a view to allowing you to grant freely your fully informed consent for the processing of your details by Rocca delle Macìe S.p.A. (from now on also referred to simply by the acronym “RDM”).

The submission of your details is optional, though it is essential in order for RDM to process your subscription to the Club, for you to be given access to the additional services connected to the membership, and for you to be supplied with a Card.

Specifically, RDM will use your details:

  1. for purposes of loyalty marketing and, therefore, to allow you to receive and utilize the Rocca Friends Card and access all of the services and concessions that are currently offered and/or that will be offered in the future to Club members
  2. to use the services provided by the Club (such as, for example, invitations to private shows and events, the regular mailing of an online newsletter, etc.)
  3. to allow you to make purchases by e-mail or telephone
  4. for purposes of information-provision and marketing on Rocca delle Macìe’s products and services, and market-research operations, carried out by Rocca delle Macìe or, on our behalf, by specialist companies (in Italy and overseas) to which, to that end, we may disclose your details in ways that may include by telephone or e-mail
  5. to disclose them to third parties – in Italy and overseas – which may utilize the details to conduct promotional activities relating to products or services, in ways that may include by telephone or e-mail
  6. We hereby inform you that your details may also be processed for purposes relating to the fulfillment of the following legislative or contractual obligations: a) legal obligations in the tax and accounting fields b) customer-base management. The processing of the details required for the fulfillment of these obligations is necessary to ensure the lawful management of the relationship, and the submission of the details is obligatory for the purposes noted above. The owner hereby clarifies that failure to disclose, or to disclose successfully, any piece of the obligatory information may make it impossible for the owner to guarantee the adequacy of the processing operations.

Rocca delle Macìe S.p.A. may disclose your details to its own service providers – in Italy and overseas – which provide support on the management of the site and the Club (e.g. outsourced system specialists, call centers, mail handling companies, companies that deal with internet connectivity services in order to allow you to access the website, etc.), exclusively for the purposes of participation in the site and use of the services provided, and always in ways that fully comply with current privacy regulations. The details of all the companies involved in the activities described above are available for consultation at the headquarters of Rocca delle Macìe S.p.A.

Your details will be stored exclusively for the duration of your membership, as per the General Conditions of Use you have approved and signed. Should your membership come to an end for any reason, the details you have supplied will be stored, both by Rocca delle Macìe S.p.A. and by any Rocca delle Macìe S.p.A. suppliers to which they may have been disclosed, exclusively in instances in which their storage is necessary for any accounting or legal requirements. Rocca delle Macìe S.p.A. hereby states that you may exercise at any time the rights recognized by Articles 15 et seq. EU Regulation 679/2016 and, in particular, you will have, for example, the right to access your details at any time, to be informed as to their source, the methods and purposes of the processing operations, the processing criteria and the parties to which they may be disclosed or that may become party to them, to request their updating or correction, including by those to whom the details have been disclosed, and to oppose their processing for the purposes of sending you advertising or direct-sale material, for the completion of market surveys or for marketing purposes. You may exercise your rights and/or request any other information concerning the processing of your personal details by sending a letter to the Data Manager, Rocca delle Macìe S.p.A., Loc. Le Macìe, 45 – 53011 Castellina in Chianti (SI), Italy, or by sending an e-mail to privacy@roccadellemacie.com.

[ ]* I confirm that I have read and agree to the policy on the processing of my personal data. [B.apposto l’asterisco in quanto tale voce deve essere obbligatoriamente “spuntata”]

[ ] I consent to the processing of my personal data for marketing purposes in order to receive newsletters on activities, services, promotions or events organized by Rocca delle Macìe S.p.A.

[ ]I consent to the processing of my personal data for marketing purposes in order to receive newsletters on activities, services, promotions or events organized by the other companies of the Group’s companies and/or third companies.


General Conditions

The general conditions of the use of the “Rocca Friends” Club (the “Club”) and of the “Rocca Friends” Card (the “Card”) set out the rights and responsibilities of users.

Access to the Club, the attainment of the Card and the use of both the Club and the Card are subject to the terms and conditions set out below (the “Conditions”). Each user who subscribes by correctly fulfilling the registration procedures accepts these Conditions, and commits to observing them. In relation to the privacy profiles associated with the Club and the Card, please read the section containing the Privacy Statement. The Club is owned by Rocca delle Macìe S.p.A. (the “owner”).

Conditions of use of the Rocca Friends Club

The Rocca Friends Club is made available free of charge to users who have reached the age of majority, with no guarantees other than those expressly set out. The information contained within the Club is intended exclusively for communication purposes.

  1. Purpose of the Club

All of the copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights used within the Club are the property of the owner and/or of the respective licensors. Through the use of this Club, users do not acquire any right in relation to the Club, aside from the temporary right of utilization, in accordance with these conditions. The owner reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to develop, modify, alter, suspend or permanently deactivate the Club partially or fully and/or to limit or prohibit access to it on the part of certain users. It is understood that each user of the Club is expected to indemnify the owner against all costs, claims, losses or damages consequent to illegitimate use of the Club or the violation of these conditions by the user. In instances of violation of these conditions, the owner reserves the right to suspend or block access to the Club.


  1. 2. Variation of conditions

The owner reserves the right to alter or modify one or more articles of these conditions at any time, at its sole and exclusive discretion, without giving prior notice. Any modifications to the conditions are communicated to users by e-mail. Users who utilize the Card and/or access the Club subsequent to information on the modifications being sent by e-mail accept said modifications. Given the free nature of the services offered to users, including registration with the Club and the Card, the services may be modified or interrupted at any time by the owner for any reason, without giving prior notice and without incurring any liability in relation to the user.


  1. Subscription and access to the Club, issuing of the Card

Access to the Club is reserved for registered users only. Subscription to the Club and access to the Club services are free of charge and are reserved exclusively for those who have reached the age of majority and who have carried out the registration process, which is deemed complete upon acceptance of these conditions, examination of the privacy statement and the optional granting of the requested forms of consent. Registration with the Club is personal and relates exclusively to the user who enters his or her details during the registration process. Membership may not be transferred to third parties. The submission of the registration details by the user connotes acknowledgement and acceptance of the conditions contained herein. Only those who comply with the conditions, and complete the registration procedure, are deemed to have fulfilled the requirements to be classed as registered users and/or members of the Rocca Friends Club. Similarly, for those users who are already registered with the Club and who have received their new Card through the post, the registration procedure is deemed complete upon acceptance of these conditions, examination of the privacy statement and the optional granting of the requested forms of consent.

In order to use the services provided by the Club, the user commits to:

  • providing the personal information requested during the registration procedure, ensuring that the information provided is up to date, complete and accurate
  • promptly updating the registered details in order to ensure that the details on file are constantly up to date, complete and accurate.

In cases where it is ascertained or even simply presumed that the user has not reached the age of majority, the owner may immediately cancel the registration and reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings if the false age declaration has in any way damaged the Club or another user of the Club. The owner works to ensure the security and privacy of users as per the terms of current legislation. The Card issued to the user is strictly personal and the user is liable for any improper use of the Card. As such, the user is not authorized to transfer the Card to third parties or to make it available for third parties to use.

The user is, therefore, the sole person responsible for the safeguarding and appropriate use of his or her Card and, consequently, he or she is the only person responsible for all of the uses relating, connected or correlated to it, whether authorized or not by the user. In relation to the above, the user commits to informing the owner immediately of any theft and/or loss and/or unauthorized use by third parties of his or her Card as soon as he or she becomes aware of such a situation, and commits from the outset to indemnify the owner against all claims, including claims for damages, lodged and/or deriving, directly or indirectly, from any theft and/or loss and/or unauthorized use by third parties of his or her Card.


  1. Services offered by the Club


– Reserve and purchase products
– Receive regular newsletters with promotions and offers
– Card
– Take advantage of all the concessions offered by the Club
– Participate in guided tours of the Rocca delle Macìe wineries


  1. Use of the Card

On becoming a member of the Club, the user receives the “Rocca Friends” Card, which is a personalized card featuring the member’s first name, surname and membership number. The Card is registered and can only be used by the registered cardholder. Should the member intend to participate in Club initiatives, he or she will be required to show the Card. If the Card is lost, stolen or damaged, the member can request a replacement by calling 0039 0577 732236 or sending an e-mail to roccafriends@roccadellemacie.com


  1. Limits and prohibitions

The user commits not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or in any other way exploit for commercial ends the services offered by the Club. The same applies to the use of or access to the services.


  1. General rules and limits on the use of the Club

The user acknowledges and accepts that the owner may, at its sole discretion, cancel the user’s registration or interrupt the user’s utilization of the services.


  1. Limitation and exclusion of responsibility

The user acknowledges and accepts that, with the exception of cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, the owner shall under no circumstances be liable in relation to users for damages of any type resulting from:

–  use or abuse of the service

–  unauthorized access or alteration of the user’s transmissions or details

–  declarations or behavior of any third party.


  1. Limitation of the owner’s guarantees

The owner offers no guarantees in relation to the matter of the correspondence of the Club and all of its services to the user’s requirements and/or expectations. The user acknowledges that access to the Club, and the storage, publication and dissemination of any content sent, are carried out at his or her sole risk. Moreover, the owner offers no guarantees to the user concerning the results that may be obtained through use of the Club, or concerning the accuracy and/or reliability of any information, details or news obtained by the user through the Club or from the services offered by it.


  1. Withdrawal and termination

These conditions will continue to be applied until withdrawal on the part of the user or the owner or termination in accordance with the methods set out below. If the user wants to cancel his or her own profile, he or she can send a letter or e-mail to that end to the owner; in such cases, the owner will delete the user’s profile – from the Club and from the

database – and will no longer process any of the user’s details. The owner reserves the right to withdraw unilaterally and at any time from these conditions, without the obligation to provide a reason, subject to the sending out of an e-mail stating its withdrawal, should it consider, in its uncontestable judgment, that the user: (I) is violating these conditions and/or (II) is using the service for illegitimate purposes and/or (III) is causing any damage and/or (IV) is failing to fulfill the obligations described in the preceding articles.


  1. Communications

Any communication between the parties must be in writing and may be carried out using e-mail via the following address: roccafriends@roccadellemacie.com


  1. Copyright and intellectual property

The user has no property rights over e-mail addresses, URLs or other personal identifiers assigned to him or her or selected by him or her for the purpose of accessing the services available within the Club, which remain the property of the owner and/or any licensors. The limited rights of the user concerning the use of those addresses/identifiers shall remain valid only for as long as the user’s registration for access to the Club and to the respective services remains valid. The unauthorized copying or use of the content of the Club contrary to these provisions may lead to the violation of copyrights, trademarks or other protective rights and also to civil or criminal legal proceedings. The owner reserves all rights in relation to such unauthorized use or violation of these regulations.


  1. Jurisdiction and competent court

These conditions are governed by Italian law. Any disputes arising in relation to them, deriving from them or in any way connected to them, to the use of the Club, the Card and in general to the services provided will be adjudicated upon exclusively by the Court of Rome, any territorial jurisdiction notwithstanding.